Dec. 3rd, 2007

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Yay! It was one year ago today that I adopted Millie, our little Jack Russell terrier. I remember when we first saw her. She was in a little pen with a Jack Russell-Dachshund mix, almost completely white except for a brown and black patch over her left eye.

I have to admit, I wasn't completely taken by her at first, because of how timid and scared she was (I had this big vision of a dog rushing over to me and smothering me with licks). Also I had not excepted to be adopting a dog that day, Brooke my sister-in-law wanted to surprise me for Christmas by letting us have a dog (we lived with her at the time and she'd said before then no dogs). We decided to ask the people in the PetSmart (the local PetSmarts in Salt Lake City let No More Homeless Pets in Utah bring in cats and dogs for adoption) if we could meet her and take her for a walk. So we had her on a leash and took her for a walk along the sidewalk. There was a coffee shop at the end of the strip mall where the PetSmart was and about halfway along someone had dropped a drink and it had spilled on the pavement. Millie sniffed at it and before I knew it she was licking it, and then spat it back out. And so her love-hate affair of dairy began... We took her back inside soon after the coffee-licking and I crouched down on the ground with Millie, trying to make my decision as to whether she was 'my dog' or not. She was named "Ruby" at the time, which I think was part of what was making the decision hard. She didn't feel like a "Ruby".

But then, she very calmly and quietly placed her paw on my knee. It was then I knew that she was mine and it was also then that I knew she was going to be renamed Millie. A name that was similar enough to her old name, but suited her much better. So we went over to sign the adoption papers and [ profile] winsomesquirrel paid the donation for her (Millie was her Christmas present to me, so that my first Christmas away from home would be a special one). Then we took our coupon book and went shopping for all the things a little dog needs. Her bed, a crate, food, a new collar and leash, a harness, toys, treats. She was a very spoiled little dog.

We even got to meet her foster dad, Paul. Which reminds me. I should call him sometime this week. So that he knows how well Millie has settled (or 'Reba' as he'd named her. He told us when we met him that she had come into the shelter without a name. So I don't feel at all bad about changing it to Millie).

And here is the birthday girl herself. I took this picture yesterday when she was sunbathing in the window of our apartment. So cute!

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And last but not least. The Christmas countdown! 14 work days until Christmas and 22 regular days! Woot! :)


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