Dec. 5th, 2007

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Yay, it's Wednesday. :) I am tired, though. I stayed up later than usual last night watching the end of Tin Man.

Of course, that wasn't before I decided to open the double prints of the wedding photo's we got done at CVS pharmacy, to start thinking about how to arrange them for the photo/scrapbooks we're making for my grandparents for Christmas.

This project has been SO stressful, and we haven't even got a single page done yet! Let me start at the beginning. A little while ago, I was talking to Mark about making some copies of the wedding photo CDs we have to give to relatives, when we're in England. I think it was me, but it could have been Mark that suggested it. Anyhow, one of us came up with the idea of making photo albums for them as well, and so a plan was born.

This Saturday, since we weren't really very busy, I suggested that we go get the photo's printed. Since we needed to start on the project soon if we wanted to get them all in the album before we went over for Christmas. No problem, we thought. We'll just got to Wal-Mart. They have their digital photo center there and we were pretty sure they were cheaper than anywhere else, which is important when you're going to be printing out about 300 photo's.

So we head off to Wal-Mart. The first problem in the plan occurs when we get to the photo machine. I left one of the CDs in the car, I had picked up an empty case instead. Not a big deal, Mark offers to go get it while I make a start on picking out the photo's we want. So I start going through them. Mark gets back not too shortly after. We go through the photos and pick some out. Finally we're at the end of the CD and we realise we will have to do the order in 2 batches, since we have the 2 CDs. No biggie. We hit finish. No receipt prints. So we called one of the people in the photo center over and tell them no receipt printed. "Oh, well did you put your name and phone number in?" They ask. I tell them "Yes". They tell us not to worry then, they will be able to find our name through that. So we start on order number 2. We get done, again no receipt. No problem though, right?

At this point we make a note of the time and we decide since we have to wait an hour for our photos we'll head out of the Wal-Mart for food. We go to In N Out and have a really relaxing meal there (we love In N Out, more fast-food places should take a leaf out of their book). We come back about an hour and 10 minutes later in a pretty good mood. We've eaten. We've got the photo's out of the way, now all we need is the albums and we'll be ready to start.

We go up to the photo center, tell them our name and that we submitted photo's over an hour ago. They go and look for them. They're not in the box. The guy at the counter is perplexed. Finally, it dawns on him, he has co-workers, perhaps they've seen the photos. "Oh, the machine's not working," they tell him and us. We ask them when it will be working again, "Soon, we're here until 10pm." (This was at about 7ish) W.T.F? So you want US to wait around until 10pm for you to get a machine working, when you should have called us to let us know our pictures would not be done in an hour. We decide between us and the photo center that we will give it another hour for the pictures to be done. In the meantime, we head over to the nearby Game Stop to check out games, then we go over to the Michaels and pick out the albums for the photos. We come back an hour later. "We managed to get 40 done."

So we cancel the order and head off back home.

On Monday, we decide that despite the set backs we had on Saturday, we'll try and get the pictures done after work at the CVS close to our house. It all goes pretty well, until I forget to hit double print on the first lot of photos. That's okay, though. The girl at the photo counter tells us that they can make it a double print for us. So we do the second CD and we head off home. We come back an hour later. The photos are done. Great. Finally we have success.

Fast-forward to last night. I open the pack with the photo's where they did the double print I forgot. There doesn't appear to be any duplicates. Maybe I missed them though. So I check again. There are some duplicates in there. Quite a few actually. But they're in a really strange and random order. Weird. So I show Mark, it's then that Mark counts the photo's. We don't have 190 as they outside of the pack says. We only have 139, so we head off to CVS at about 8.40pm (they're 24 hours), we figure maybe they put them in a different pack. The girl at the counter checks through all the photo boxes. Nope, not there. So we decide to get the refund on the 51 shots we're missing and we take the photo's home and Mark figures out which are missing, so we can get reprints to match. So we're going to try again with CVS tonight. Wish us luck.

However, the thing that annoys us most is the fact that the photo's were obviously dropped and we suspect the 51 missing shots got ruined when they fell. But the person shoved the rest in the envelop and charged us for all 190! Who on Earth does that with someone's pictures? Let alone someone's WEDDING PICTURES!!!


On a lighter note, the Christmas countdown: Just 12 more days of work, yay! And 20 actual days. :D Cannot. Wait.


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