Dec. 12th, 2007

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This is going to be yet another boring post here. Since I didn't really do much last night. Heck we didn't even really cook anything for dinner. We just zapped a few things in the microwave.

My Mum emailed me. She's really excited about Christmas, much like me. She said the town I grew up in has changed quite a bit in the past 2 years. So that should be interesting to see how it's changed. I'm pretty sure the train station near our house will be pretty much the same, though. She's already got Christmas Day planned out. She's so sweet. She said that they're cooking Christmas dinner so that it will be ready a little while after we get home from the airport, so that we can relax a little bit before Christmas Dinner. But also early enough so that Mark and I can go take a nap in the afternoon and still be up in time for the new Doctor Who. So sweet of her. I'm probably going to try and stay up, though. So that I can sleep that night. We don't have anything planned for Boxing Day (what we call the 26th of December in the UK), so we will probably sleep in. They've also been re-decorating my older brothers old bedroom. Apparently in the past few weeks my dad has painted it, put in new carpet, new blinds, etc. Ready for our visit. Now he's starting work on our upstairs bathroom and already has a new bath fitted in there. I cannot wait to have a bath in a British bathtub again! British bathtubs are narrower than US ones for the most part. But much, much longer. So that you can actually stretch out and lay back in them. I really miss UK-style baths.

Mark is still feeling pretty rotten. He has a sore throat now, on top of his other symptoms yesterday. Our poor dog is also suffering from a cold as well. Hopefully they will both get better soon.

In other news, I'm still waiting for last weeks paycheck. They forgot to mail it out to me on Friday, so my account manager promised me it would be in the mail on Monday. But still no check as of yet. It better be there today, or I will be pretty mad at them. I want to get that paycheck into the bank.

Hmm, this post actually turned out to be much longer than I'd anticipated it to be. Strange how you can get talking sometimes.

Here's the Christmas Countdown: 13 actual days until Christmas and 7 days of work. That's only 56 more work hours. Woot. :D


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