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You know, this is only my second Christmas when I have not been working in a retail position, and it's really kind of refreshing.

No longer do I have to listen to the same few Christmas CDs over and over and over again for over a month. To be honest, I actually didn't mind too much when it was the week of Christmas and the first week we'd start playing them. But there were some songs on the CDs that would just make me cringe. The popular celeb versions of songs. You know the ones I mean. The ones that would make me wish I could drop everything (especially when serving a customer) and go out to the CD player and skip the song.

I do miss not hearing some Christmas songs, though. There are some British ones that just don't seem to get any air time here. So I'm thinking I might make myself a CD of British Christmas songs to play. I kind of miss them.

Speaking of missing things, I spoke to my Mum briefly last night before bed. She's arranged for Mark and I to visit my Nan and Granddad (well, Paddy isn't my birth-grandfather, but he's been with my nan since before I was born and treats us all like his grand-kids). I can't wait to see them again. It's been a long time and I always enjoy seeing them again, we're going over on the 27th, then in that evening we'll be meeting up with my friend Emma. :)

On the countdown front, there are 16 work days left (that's 3 weeks and 1 day) and 25 actual days. Yay!
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