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Thank goodness it's Friday. My favourite day of the work week.

Today's Friday started off decidedly soggy, though. And it was not helped by my dog, Millie, slipping her collar and chasing a cat half way around our apartment complex! Fortunately it was still fairly early (just past 6am) and it was a Friday (everyone gets lazy on Fridays in California, it seems and they arrive at work late), so there wasn't anyone driving their car around.

Still, I had my coffee at Starbucks and as soon as I stepped outside to start my 15 minute walk to work it started to pour down with rain again. I got about 5 minutes into my walk and one of my co-workers Santiago spotted me and picked me up. So at least I didn't get too wet!

I'm excited about this weekend because we're going to get out our Christmas decorations and put up our tree, even though we won't be in our apartment this Christmas. We decided that we should go ahead and do it; because if we don't, we won't do it any year until we have a family of our own. Since we're bound to be either in England or in Utah for Christmases until that point.

Only 15 more working days to go until Christmas and 24 regular days! :D


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