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First and foremost, Happy Birthday to [ profile] theninthdoctor! May you sleep in and not have leaf-blowers wake you at 7 in the morning!

Secondly, we had a happy conclusion to the wedding photo saga. Yesterday, my wonderfully sweet husband left work early so that he could go get his hair cut. But unknown to me, he also went back to CVS with our wedding CD and made copies of the 50 photos we needed duplicates of. Plus a sepia shot to go on the front of the wedding album. :) So now we have all of the photos done. It was a close one though. Because if Mark had not gone and got the photo's done when he did, we'd have come in to find the machine out of service and I would be whining again.

So I started on a page last night with photos where Mark looking away as I ran across the hall to go to the bathroom (the room I was holed up in, didn't have a bathroom attached). I'm putting the caption on there: "Here comes the Bride!" It looks pretty cute so far. But we have tons of pages to go and this one isn't even stuck down yet. At least the photos are out of the way, though.

I wish today was Friday, work days just seem to take so long to pass. Plus I have tons of stuff to do. I'm trying to straighten out the invoices we need to pay to our sister company and the company files and paperwork is a complete mess since no one has done much of it since August! Plus we have some loose cargo arriving in the warehouse from China today, which I will have to help count, then I will have the pleasure of entering it all into QuickBooks.

Plus, I have to prepare paperwork for our broker for a container we have arriving from China in the near future. And of course, I have to undo 2 previous months of reconciling, due to my boss wanting to change something I cleared 2 months ago. Then I have to reconcile last month as well, although that can wait until I get the credit card machine statement.

But at least it's Thursday and there will only be tomorrow then it will be the weekend. Only 11 more days of work and 19 actual days until Christmas. :D :D :D!


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