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So, this weekend was busy, but fun.

Friday night wasn't too busy. We decided to get out the tree and set up the branches, ready to decorate it during the weekend. So we got something out of the way for Christmas. But Saturday was really our busy day this weekend. We woke up about 10am and decided that we needed at least one more string of LED lights for our Christmas tree. So we went out and searched high and low for them. But couldn't find them ANY where. We had one or two more places to check, but we were running out of time, because we'd been invited to [ profile] theninthdoctor's birthday celebration out in LA. So we headed home empty handed and got ready to head out.

We went to Outback for [ profile] theninthdoctor's birthday and had a real blast. We finally got to meet Bryan, Craig's best friend. Plus we got to meet up with [ profile] tabbymarie and [ profile] shirkie, and we also had [ profile] rose_etta come and join us a little way into the meal. It was awesome. We haven't see her since we got engaged almost 3 years ago at the L3Con!

I took some pictures at the meal, but I don't have anyway to upload them right now. But I may put one or two up in the next few days, if Craig gives me permission. Then after the meal, we went off bowling, where Tabby and I tied for last spot (although she did win the speed round!)

Then on Sunday we headed off again in search of Christmas lights. This time it was mostly a success. We didn't find the lights at Lowes. But we found some at Wal-Mart, so we decided to suck it up and get them. We decided since we were close, we might as well go check out Kohl's to see if we could get a Hallmark 2007 ornament. We found a few we liked. But none that jumped out at us. Then Mark spotted a Los Angeles ornament, which we figured was perfect for our first year here in California, so we brought that along with a present for my Mum for Christmas. We also dropped by World Market, since we wanted to see if they had any tree chocolates. They did, so we got some of those as well.

Then we went to a dollar store to get some extension cords for the lights and then we finally managed to find a decent tree topper at Walgreens. It's a colour changing LED star. Finally after all our hunting, our Christmas tree could be decorated. Mark put the lights on the tree, then we started our laundry and I made dinner. While our clothes were being washed and dinner was in the oven, Mark and I decorated the tree with all the baubles and other ornaments. Then after dinner we put on the ribbon and tree chocolates. Finally the tree (and the laundry) was finished!

So much to our surprise, we had a few hours to relax and look at our little tree, while listening to Christmas songs. :) It was a nice relaxing way to finish the evening.

On that note, here's my Christmas countdown: 15 real days and 9 work days, yay! :D
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