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Like I said last week, I dislike Tuesdays. There's nothing particularly special about them, just a reminder that you're stuck in a cycle of waiting for it to be the weekend and enjoying the weekend.

Last night Mark and I didn't really get up to much. We pretty much just relaxed and played City of Heroes. Although I did make our first batch of Chex mix, mmmm. I just hope I don't end up eating the bag I brought with me before I get to lunch-time.

I should be getting my paycheck today (finally!). So that will be good, we'll be able to finish paying our bills and start figuring out the money we need to put aside for our rent, while we're in England. I so can't wait for Christmas now. It's getting much closer. Only 14 days and 8 more work days to endure before we get a little break from this cycle. When I'm at work, my mind is already on that plane waiting to take off. If we didn't need the money for spending in England, I think I would have taken today off and stayed home with Mark (he's not feeling well today). I really have a case of the blahs.

Blah. :p Hopefully today will pass pretty fast so that I can get home to my husband and little dog.
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