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Again, another post with not much to update with.

The good news is that Mark and Millie are both feeling much better. The downside is that being sick has messed up Mark's sleep cycle.

Oh, there's also some more good news. We got the mod chip for my DS yesterday. So now I can actually play on my DS. :D Mark put a few games on the chip for me, like the Brain Age games, Big Brain Academy (much funner), plus a few other educational ones. Plus a Pokemon game and the new Zelda game. I actually haven't touched either of them yet. :p But I'm looking forward to playing them a bit at least on the plane to England. I'd say this weekend, but I really need to get most of the scrapbooks done this weekend. In fact I need to try and at least finish off the page that I started the other day tonight. Plus make another few pages if I can manage it. I hope I can get them done in time. :-/

I told my Mum about the scrapbooks and she loves the idea and has put in a request for one, when I have the time to make one. So maybe I will make her one for her birthday in April. It all really depends on how well these 2 scrapbooks go.

Work is still pretty blah, but at least it's Thursday now. It's much easier to deal with things when you only have one more day of work than when you have 3 more days of work left. So that's something.

My boss and our warehouse guy are going to be pretty busy today and most likely tomorrow, because they are finally setting up pallet racks out there for all of the inventory (something which, in my opinion, should have been done before or shortly after they moved here in September. Instead of a day before we get a container delivered from China). I'm sure it will be much nicer for our warehouse guy when it's finally done. Plus much easier to count the inventory.

So, only 6 more days of work (YAY!) and 12 actual days. :)

Also, it's cold here at work.


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