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So Christmas is getting closer. :)

The only thing I'm really worried about is getting the albums done in time and getting packed in time. Plus we still have a few gifts to buy for my side of the family. But I did finish the page I was talking about yesterday with my album, and I did another page too, which is good. I'm trying to sit down and get a bunch of the wedding ceremony photo's done tonight. I figure if I make some pages that flow into the next page, maybe that will be easier than picking random moments in the wedding to try and arrange on the page. If worst comes to the worst, I will ask Mark to help me just stick all the photo's down in some kind of order on coloured card and put them into the albums, just so all of the pictures are at least in the album.

Last night was another lazy night for us. We got El Pollo Loco for dinner and played on the DS some. We didn't even sit down and watch Smallville last night. We will probably watch it at some point tonight, instead.

Christmas countdown: Only 11 days to go until Christmas! And only 5 work days, that's 40 working hours (after today). :D


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