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I spoke to my Mum yesterday when she got home from the hospital, before she went to bed and my sister's doing pretty well considering.

Yesterday morning she was in a lot of pain, so much so that when my Mum went to move her gown she cried out in pain (although my Mum may have inadvertently touched her by accident). Her chest x-ray wasn't as good as they hoped it would be, so she still has a chest drain in and oxygen by her bed. But they did take her to go get the surgery she needed done on her right hand (poor thing! I didn't realise that it was her right hand she'd broken). They also gave her an epidural there and once they did that she was much more comfortable and the pain was manageable for her. Her jaw and shoulder is broken on the left side and I think most of the ribs she's broken are on the left side, too. So she won't be able to do much of anything for a few weeks.

But after the operation and the epidural my Mum said she was doing much better, she was sitting up in bed and talking. Also she was hungry again. So she had some coffee and a sandwich which my Mum had to feed to her (she would have tried herself with her left hand, but they had a pulse monitor clipped on her finger). She's also being cheeky and bossy (again a good sign, because that's very much like my sister). Like she got one of the nurses to adjust her pillows and my Mum told her to say 'Please'. But my sister just said: "It's okay Mum, they know me." And when it was visitor time my parents came in (they only allow 2 people in at a time) and she was like: "Are you the only ones here to see me?", my Mum and Dad said that my brothers and my older brothers girlfriend where here and she replied with: "Well, you can go then so I can see them."

It makes me feel reassured that she's acting like her old self, hopefully she won't be in too much pain once the epidural wears off. I'll keep you posted on anymore news that I get.

I can see her in: 7 more actual days and 3 more days of work after today (that's 24 hours of work left to go!). :)
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