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The title pretty much says it all. It really has creeped up on me, despite my counting down. I can't believe that this Sunday we'll have to drop Millie off at "Doggy Camp" as the Kennel handles call it. I'll miss her this Christmas. :(

I got three more pages done for the photo albums last night, so that's something. I also added in some additional pages to the albums and put all the pages in, in what I hope will be close to the actual order. Tonight I'm going to attempt to do all of the line pictures and as much of the reception pictures that I can. So I'm starting to get there, at least. But I'm definitely going to need some more page holders for the albums. But I figured I would when I realised due to photo sizes and differing styles of photos (portrait and landscape) I couldn't always fit 4 pictures on a page (we brought thinking we'd fit 4 photo's on one page).

My sister is doing very well. She's having her chest drain removed today, she's been breathing much better now that the pain has lessened. Her observations have all been good as well, with the exception of the occasional high temperature. But that's being chalked up to her body fighting back and repairing itself. They also noticed that she has a slightly enlarged heart and an irregular heart beat. But we're not worrying too much about that because it was picked up on when she was little and she was seen then by specialists about having a heart murmur, but they didn't think it was too serious. But it is best to be cautious and check it out just in case. Her epidural has given her a lot of pain relief for her ribs, but she's complaining about her hand hurting a lot after the operation.

She's already getting frustrated about not being able to do things with her right hand and having to have help with a lot of things, but hopefully things will get easier for her with time.

They are going to set her plaster for her hand (and maybe for her body as well, my Mum wasn't too clear on this in the email I received) tomorrow and my sister is hoping to get out of hospital after that, but my Mum thinks that this coming weekend is more likely. I hope she does get out this weekend. But if they can get her home before Christmas, I'm sure that they will. Just so long as she keeps making good progress.

Christmas countdown: 6 actual days and 2 more work days to go (16 hours!)!

Date: 2007-12-19 09:22 pm (UTC)
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Not like we needed a doctor to tell us Ellen's heart is too big ...

Date: 2007-12-20 08:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hehe, that's true. :)


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