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Soooo glad that the week is almost over. Would be better if it was Friday, though.

Last night we went off straight after work to Bath & Body works to pick up some cute gift baskets for my sister and my brother's girlfriend for Christmas, the mall was hellishly busy. This wasn't helped of course by the staff at Bath & Body works being completely incompetent. :-p But we got them eventually and headed off back towards our house. We dropped off a prescription at CVS and then stopped at Albertson's to see if they had any decent roast chickens left, they didn't. So we went back to get my prescription and then went by El Pollo Loco for dinner (we didn't really feel like cooking).

When we got home I was able to get myself to make some more pages for the scrapbooks. So now I have the line done, after the wedding and pages for all of the tables at the wedding. Tonight I'll try and get the pages done for the Best Man's speech and the Father of the Bride's speech. Then I'll have all the family shots, the pictures of me and my Bridesmaids and the Flowergirl. Plus a few other miscellaneous shots. I hope I can fit them all in the album! Wish me luck there.

My sister's doing very well. She had her arm plastered yesterday, it's purple (she doesn't need a body cast, I misunderstood my Mum's email), instead of today. Plus they moved her out of intensive care and back onto a ward. My Dad paid for her to have a TV and a phone in her room, so that she can watch TV and call them (plus a friend or two) if she needs to. They're going to try and get her out of bed and sitting up in a chair in her room today. I know they want to try and get her walking soon, too. So they might get her to walk a little bit today, too. My Mum says she's cautiously optimistic that she'll be out of hospital on Saturday. I know my sister wants to get out too. So fingers-crossed for that.

We're inviting people over to my parents house for New Years Eve, so that she will have a nice evening with people rather than being on her own with my Mum and Dad. Mark and I would much rather be with her than down the pub. Plus, it will be cheaper and easier to get a drink. :D

Here's my Christmas countdown for today: 5 actual days and only ONE day of work (8 hours after today!!!)!


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