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Soooo glad that the week is almost over. Would be better if it was Friday, though.

Last night we went off straight after work to Bath & Body works to pick up some cute gift baskets for my sister and my brother's girlfriend for Christmas, the mall was hellishly busy. This wasn't helped of course by the staff at Bath & Body works being completely incompetent. :-p But we got them eventually and headed off back towards our house. We dropped off a prescription at CVS and then stopped at Albertson's to see if they had any decent roast chickens left, they didn't. So we went back to get my prescription and then went by El Pollo Loco for dinner (we didn't really feel like cooking).

When we got home I was able to get myself to make some more pages for the scrapbooks. So now I have the line done, after the wedding and pages for all of the tables at the wedding. Tonight I'll try and get the pages done for the Best Man's speech and the Father of the Bride's speech. Then I'll have all the family shots, the pictures of me and my Bridesmaids and the Flowergirl. Plus a few other miscellaneous shots. I hope I can fit them all in the album! Wish me luck there.

My sister's doing very well. She had her arm plastered yesterday, it's purple (she doesn't need a body cast, I misunderstood my Mum's email), instead of today. Plus they moved her out of intensive care and back onto a ward. My Dad paid for her to have a TV and a phone in her room, so that she can watch TV and call them (plus a friend or two) if she needs to. They're going to try and get her out of bed and sitting up in a chair in her room today. I know they want to try and get her walking soon, too. So they might get her to walk a little bit today, too. My Mum says she's cautiously optimistic that she'll be out of hospital on Saturday. I know my sister wants to get out too. So fingers-crossed for that.

We're inviting people over to my parents house for New Years Eve, so that she will have a nice evening with people rather than being on her own with my Mum and Dad. Mark and I would much rather be with her than down the pub. Plus, it will be cheaper and easier to get a drink. :D

Here's my Christmas countdown for today: 5 actual days and only ONE day of work (8 hours after today!!!)!
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The title pretty much says it all. It really has creeped up on me, despite my counting down. I can't believe that this Sunday we'll have to drop Millie off at "Doggy Camp" as the Kennel handles call it. I'll miss her this Christmas. :(

I got three more pages done for the photo albums last night, so that's something. I also added in some additional pages to the albums and put all the pages in, in what I hope will be close to the actual order. Tonight I'm going to attempt to do all of the line pictures and as much of the reception pictures that I can. So I'm starting to get there, at least. But I'm definitely going to need some more page holders for the albums. But I figured I would when I realised due to photo sizes and differing styles of photos (portrait and landscape) I couldn't always fit 4 pictures on a page (we brought thinking we'd fit 4 photo's on one page).

My sister is doing very well. She's having her chest drain removed today, she's been breathing much better now that the pain has lessened. Her observations have all been good as well, with the exception of the occasional high temperature. But that's being chalked up to her body fighting back and repairing itself. They also noticed that she has a slightly enlarged heart and an irregular heart beat. But we're not worrying too much about that because it was picked up on when she was little and she was seen then by specialists about having a heart murmur, but they didn't think it was too serious. But it is best to be cautious and check it out just in case. Her epidural has given her a lot of pain relief for her ribs, but she's complaining about her hand hurting a lot after the operation.

She's already getting frustrated about not being able to do things with her right hand and having to have help with a lot of things, but hopefully things will get easier for her with time.

They are going to set her plaster for her hand (and maybe for her body as well, my Mum wasn't too clear on this in the email I received) tomorrow and my sister is hoping to get out of hospital after that, but my Mum thinks that this coming weekend is more likely. I hope she does get out this weekend. But if they can get her home before Christmas, I'm sure that they will. Just so long as she keeps making good progress.

Christmas countdown: 6 actual days and 2 more work days to go (16 hours!)!
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I spoke to my Mum yesterday when she got home from the hospital, before she went to bed and my sister's doing pretty well considering.

Yesterday morning she was in a lot of pain, so much so that when my Mum went to move her gown she cried out in pain (although my Mum may have inadvertently touched her by accident). Her chest x-ray wasn't as good as they hoped it would be, so she still has a chest drain in and oxygen by her bed. But they did take her to go get the surgery she needed done on her right hand (poor thing! I didn't realise that it was her right hand she'd broken). They also gave her an epidural there and once they did that she was much more comfortable and the pain was manageable for her. Her jaw and shoulder is broken on the left side and I think most of the ribs she's broken are on the left side, too. So she won't be able to do much of anything for a few weeks.

But after the operation and the epidural my Mum said she was doing much better, she was sitting up in bed and talking. Also she was hungry again. So she had some coffee and a sandwich which my Mum had to feed to her (she would have tried herself with her left hand, but they had a pulse monitor clipped on her finger). She's also being cheeky and bossy (again a good sign, because that's very much like my sister). Like she got one of the nurses to adjust her pillows and my Mum told her to say 'Please'. But my sister just said: "It's okay Mum, they know me." And when it was visitor time my parents came in (they only allow 2 people in at a time) and she was like: "Are you the only ones here to see me?", my Mum and Dad said that my brothers and my older brothers girlfriend where here and she replied with: "Well, you can go then so I can see them."

It makes me feel reassured that she's acting like her old self, hopefully she won't be in too much pain once the epidural wears off. I'll keep you posted on anymore news that I get.

I can see her in: 7 more actual days and 3 more days of work after today (that's 24 hours of work left to go!). :)
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First things first. Happy Birthday to [ profile] sullivanlane! I hope you have a great day with The Monkey and Mini-Monkey! :)

* * *

The news of my sisters car crash, certainly hasn't helped make this week any easier. I was going to try and relax myself and tell myself that it would only be a couple of more days, then we'd be getting ready to go. But with this happening I really want the time to pass quickly so that I can see her.

I kind of feel like I shouldn't really be using my Christmas icons with this news, but I think she'd want me to. That's the reason I came in today, because she wouldn't want anyone taking time off work on account of her. Although my parents and my little brother have. My older brother is taking a half-day and him and his girlfriend, Lizzie are going to the hospital in the afternoon. They're both taking half days. My aunt is also going to the hospital to see her, so she's going to have lots of visitors, I'm sure. That's not even counting in her friends as well, who will probably all come by.

We thought about sending her some flowers today, via the internet. But we figured she'll probably already have a mountain of them. So we're going to get her some flowers when we're over in England. We're also going to spend as much time as we can with her when we were over. We're thinking of getting her some books, too. Since she won't be able to do too much when she gets home, with only being able to use one arm. We figure reading is something that she'll be able to do. That and TV. Maybe we can teach her how to download TV shows when we're over, so that we can recommend some US shows to entertain her.

This weekend was certainly a stressful one.

Here's my Christmas countdown: After today: only 8 actual days and only 4 more days of work (that's 32 hours), until Christmas and until I can see my sister. :)


Dec. 16th, 2007 05:30 pm
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My sister was in a car accident last night. The doctors and police say that she's lucky to be alive. From what the police can tell from the scene of the accident she skidded, then braked and hit a tree. At that point the car was wrecked anyway. But to make matters worse, the car flipped and landed on the other side of the road, where the car was then hit by an on-coming car. The only fortunate part of the whole accident was that the car hit the passenger side of the car (this most likely saved her life. Hate to think what would have happened if it had hit the drivers side).

She was unconscious when they got to her and it took them about half an hour to get her out of the car, then they airlifted her to a nearby hospital and was in their HDU (ICU) for the early hours of the morning (the morning of her birthday, no less!). Then early in the morning they rushed her off to another hospital because they felt she could be better cared for there to eliminate the chances of internal injuries. Naturally she's had lots of scans, x-rays and tests. But they haven't found any internal or head injuries. She does have the following though: lots of bruising, a broken jaw and swollen face, several broken ribs, a broken shoulder blade, and a broken hand/wrist. My Mum mentioned that she's going to need surgery for her broken hand and jaw. She also chipped a few nodules of her spine. But apparently the doctors say that they will heal themselves.

The poor girl also has a chest drain in right now, as she has some fluid/blood around her lungs. The doctors are a bit concerned about her left lung and are keeping a close eye on it. She's due to have another chest x-ray in the morning (UK time).

But my Mum says she's doing very well. She's talking (always a good sign, my sister is quite the talker) and making sense. But she's very drowsy as she has a self-controlled morphine drip, so that she can give herself more morphine when she's in pain.

But the important thing is that she's okay and stable. She's even saying she's hungry and has good leg movement because she's kicking off the covers when she feels too warm. Plus she's complaining that everyone is treating her like an invalid.

My parents have been there with her for the past day or so, my Mum has only had half an hour sleep in the past 48 hours and that was only because my brother and his girlfriend came to see Ellen and sent them home to eat, wash and get some sleep.

My Mum tried to give me a ring to let me know, but she couldn't get the US area code right, so wasn't able to contact me until I came to my laptop not long ago and she was logged into her messenger just sending me an email before turning in (she'd been waiting for me for about half an hour but we were out at the store).

I'm so glad that she's "okay", and I use that term loosely since with all her injuries she's not really. But it could have been much, much worse for her than it was. So that's something to be thankful for.

If you could send any prayers/good thoughts/good vibes my sisters way I'd really appreciate it.

She's gotten through the first 24-48 hours okay, which is usually the most crucial time for car accident victims, so that's of some comfort. I'm so glad we'll be seeing her soon. If we weren't due to fly over to England so soon, we would be on a plane as soon after Christmas as we could, I'm sure.
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I need a Christmas icon. I was wondering, can anyone direct me to a Christmas icon community?
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So Christmas is getting closer. :)

The only thing I'm really worried about is getting the albums done in time and getting packed in time. Plus we still have a few gifts to buy for my side of the family. But I did finish the page I was talking about yesterday with my album, and I did another page too, which is good. I'm trying to sit down and get a bunch of the wedding ceremony photo's done tonight. I figure if I make some pages that flow into the next page, maybe that will be easier than picking random moments in the wedding to try and arrange on the page. If worst comes to the worst, I will ask Mark to help me just stick all the photo's down in some kind of order on coloured card and put them into the albums, just so all of the pictures are at least in the album.

Last night was another lazy night for us. We got El Pollo Loco for dinner and played on the DS some. We didn't even sit down and watch Smallville last night. We will probably watch it at some point tonight, instead.

Christmas countdown: Only 11 days to go until Christmas! And only 5 work days, that's 40 working hours (after today). :D
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Again, another post with not much to update with.

The good news is that Mark and Millie are both feeling much better. The downside is that being sick has messed up Mark's sleep cycle.

Oh, there's also some more good news. We got the mod chip for my DS yesterday. So now I can actually play on my DS. :D Mark put a few games on the chip for me, like the Brain Age games, Big Brain Academy (much funner), plus a few other educational ones. Plus a Pokemon game and the new Zelda game. I actually haven't touched either of them yet. :p But I'm looking forward to playing them a bit at least on the plane to England. I'd say this weekend, but I really need to get most of the scrapbooks done this weekend. In fact I need to try and at least finish off the page that I started the other day tonight. Plus make another few pages if I can manage it. I hope I can get them done in time. :-/

I told my Mum about the scrapbooks and she loves the idea and has put in a request for one, when I have the time to make one. So maybe I will make her one for her birthday in April. It all really depends on how well these 2 scrapbooks go.

Work is still pretty blah, but at least it's Thursday now. It's much easier to deal with things when you only have one more day of work than when you have 3 more days of work left. So that's something.

My boss and our warehouse guy are going to be pretty busy today and most likely tomorrow, because they are finally setting up pallet racks out there for all of the inventory (something which, in my opinion, should have been done before or shortly after they moved here in September. Instead of a day before we get a container delivered from China). I'm sure it will be much nicer for our warehouse guy when it's finally done. Plus much easier to count the inventory.

So, only 6 more days of work (YAY!) and 12 actual days. :)

Also, it's cold here at work.
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This is going to be yet another boring post here. Since I didn't really do much last night. Heck we didn't even really cook anything for dinner. We just zapped a few things in the microwave.

My Mum emailed me. She's really excited about Christmas, much like me. She said the town I grew up in has changed quite a bit in the past 2 years. So that should be interesting to see how it's changed. I'm pretty sure the train station near our house will be pretty much the same, though. She's already got Christmas Day planned out. She's so sweet. She said that they're cooking Christmas dinner so that it will be ready a little while after we get home from the airport, so that we can relax a little bit before Christmas Dinner. But also early enough so that Mark and I can go take a nap in the afternoon and still be up in time for the new Doctor Who. So sweet of her. I'm probably going to try and stay up, though. So that I can sleep that night. We don't have anything planned for Boxing Day (what we call the 26th of December in the UK), so we will probably sleep in. They've also been re-decorating my older brothers old bedroom. Apparently in the past few weeks my dad has painted it, put in new carpet, new blinds, etc. Ready for our visit. Now he's starting work on our upstairs bathroom and already has a new bath fitted in there. I cannot wait to have a bath in a British bathtub again! British bathtubs are narrower than US ones for the most part. But much, much longer. So that you can actually stretch out and lay back in them. I really miss UK-style baths.

Mark is still feeling pretty rotten. He has a sore throat now, on top of his other symptoms yesterday. Our poor dog is also suffering from a cold as well. Hopefully they will both get better soon.

In other news, I'm still waiting for last weeks paycheck. They forgot to mail it out to me on Friday, so my account manager promised me it would be in the mail on Monday. But still no check as of yet. It better be there today, or I will be pretty mad at them. I want to get that paycheck into the bank.

Hmm, this post actually turned out to be much longer than I'd anticipated it to be. Strange how you can get talking sometimes.

Here's the Christmas Countdown: 13 actual days until Christmas and 7 days of work. That's only 56 more work hours. Woot. :D
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Like I said last week, I dislike Tuesdays. There's nothing particularly special about them, just a reminder that you're stuck in a cycle of waiting for it to be the weekend and enjoying the weekend.

Last night Mark and I didn't really get up to much. We pretty much just relaxed and played City of Heroes. Although I did make our first batch of Chex mix, mmmm. I just hope I don't end up eating the bag I brought with me before I get to lunch-time.

I should be getting my paycheck today (finally!). So that will be good, we'll be able to finish paying our bills and start figuring out the money we need to put aside for our rent, while we're in England. I so can't wait for Christmas now. It's getting much closer. Only 14 days and 8 more work days to endure before we get a little break from this cycle. When I'm at work, my mind is already on that plane waiting to take off. If we didn't need the money for spending in England, I think I would have taken today off and stayed home with Mark (he's not feeling well today). I really have a case of the blahs.

Blah. :p Hopefully today will pass pretty fast so that I can get home to my husband and little dog.
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So, this weekend was busy, but fun.

Friday night wasn't too busy. We decided to get out the tree and set up the branches, ready to decorate it during the weekend. So we got something out of the way for Christmas. But Saturday was really our busy day this weekend. We woke up about 10am and decided that we needed at least one more string of LED lights for our Christmas tree. So we went out and searched high and low for them. But couldn't find them ANY where. We had one or two more places to check, but we were running out of time, because we'd been invited to [ profile] theninthdoctor's birthday celebration out in LA. So we headed home empty handed and got ready to head out.

We went to Outback for [ profile] theninthdoctor's birthday and had a real blast. We finally got to meet Bryan, Craig's best friend. Plus we got to meet up with [ profile] tabbymarie and [ profile] shirkie, and we also had [ profile] rose_etta come and join us a little way into the meal. It was awesome. We haven't see her since we got engaged almost 3 years ago at the L3Con!

I took some pictures at the meal, but I don't have anyway to upload them right now. But I may put one or two up in the next few days, if Craig gives me permission. Then after the meal, we went off bowling, where Tabby and I tied for last spot (although she did win the speed round!)

Then on Sunday we headed off again in search of Christmas lights. This time it was mostly a success. We didn't find the lights at Lowes. But we found some at Wal-Mart, so we decided to suck it up and get them. We decided since we were close, we might as well go check out Kohl's to see if we could get a Hallmark 2007 ornament. We found a few we liked. But none that jumped out at us. Then Mark spotted a Los Angeles ornament, which we figured was perfect for our first year here in California, so we brought that along with a present for my Mum for Christmas. We also dropped by World Market, since we wanted to see if they had any tree chocolates. They did, so we got some of those as well.

Then we went to a dollar store to get some extension cords for the lights and then we finally managed to find a decent tree topper at Walgreens. It's a colour changing LED star. Finally after all our hunting, our Christmas tree could be decorated. Mark put the lights on the tree, then we started our laundry and I made dinner. While our clothes were being washed and dinner was in the oven, Mark and I decorated the tree with all the baubles and other ornaments. Then after dinner we put on the ribbon and tree chocolates. Finally the tree (and the laundry) was finished!

So much to our surprise, we had a few hours to relax and look at our little tree, while listening to Christmas songs. :) It was a nice relaxing way to finish the evening.

On that note, here's my Christmas countdown: 15 real days and 9 work days, yay! :D
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It needs to be 4.30 already so that I can go home.

I'm so done with this work week.

:) Friday!

Dec. 7th, 2007 09:36 am
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I love Fridays.

Last night, horror of horrors, we were without internet! The whole evening. So I had to resort to washing the dishes that had been sitting in the the sink since last weekend (I've been very lazy of late) and cooking risotto for dinner. I even stuck down the layout for the wedding photo's I'd done the day before and did another page (I still need to stick down the other identical page), but that's 2 pages and 8 photo's down.

Hmm, I just found out our big boss from China is coming here today. So I should probably finish this now.

Here's the obligatory Christmas Countdown: 10 work days and 19 actual days. :)
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First and foremost, Happy Birthday to [ profile] theninthdoctor! May you sleep in and not have leaf-blowers wake you at 7 in the morning!

Secondly, we had a happy conclusion to the wedding photo saga. Yesterday, my wonderfully sweet husband left work early so that he could go get his hair cut. But unknown to me, he also went back to CVS with our wedding CD and made copies of the 50 photos we needed duplicates of. Plus a sepia shot to go on the front of the wedding album. :) So now we have all of the photos done. It was a close one though. Because if Mark had not gone and got the photo's done when he did, we'd have come in to find the machine out of service and I would be whining again.

So I started on a page last night with photos where Mark looking away as I ran across the hall to go to the bathroom (the room I was holed up in, didn't have a bathroom attached). I'm putting the caption on there: "Here comes the Bride!" It looks pretty cute so far. But we have tons of pages to go and this one isn't even stuck down yet. At least the photos are out of the way, though.

I wish today was Friday, work days just seem to take so long to pass. Plus I have tons of stuff to do. I'm trying to straighten out the invoices we need to pay to our sister company and the company files and paperwork is a complete mess since no one has done much of it since August! Plus we have some loose cargo arriving in the warehouse from China today, which I will have to help count, then I will have the pleasure of entering it all into QuickBooks.

Plus, I have to prepare paperwork for our broker for a container we have arriving from China in the near future. And of course, I have to undo 2 previous months of reconciling, due to my boss wanting to change something I cleared 2 months ago. Then I have to reconcile last month as well, although that can wait until I get the credit card machine statement.

But at least it's Thursday and there will only be tomorrow then it will be the weekend. Only 11 more days of work and 19 actual days until Christmas. :D :D :D!
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Yay, it's Wednesday. :) I am tired, though. I stayed up later than usual last night watching the end of Tin Man.

Of course, that wasn't before I decided to open the double prints of the wedding photo's we got done at CVS pharmacy, to start thinking about how to arrange them for the photo/scrapbooks we're making for my grandparents for Christmas.

This project has been SO stressful, and we haven't even got a single page done yet! Let me start at the beginning. A little while ago, I was talking to Mark about making some copies of the wedding photo CDs we have to give to relatives, when we're in England. I think it was me, but it could have been Mark that suggested it. Anyhow, one of us came up with the idea of making photo albums for them as well, and so a plan was born.

This Saturday, since we weren't really very busy, I suggested that we go get the photo's printed. Since we needed to start on the project soon if we wanted to get them all in the album before we went over for Christmas. No problem, we thought. We'll just got to Wal-Mart. They have their digital photo center there and we were pretty sure they were cheaper than anywhere else, which is important when you're going to be printing out about 300 photo's.

So we head off to Wal-Mart. The first problem in the plan occurs when we get to the photo machine. I left one of the CDs in the car, I had picked up an empty case instead. Not a big deal, Mark offers to go get it while I make a start on picking out the photo's we want. So I start going through them. Mark gets back not too shortly after. We go through the photos and pick some out. Finally we're at the end of the CD and we realise we will have to do the order in 2 batches, since we have the 2 CDs. No biggie. We hit finish. No receipt prints. So we called one of the people in the photo center over and tell them no receipt printed. "Oh, well did you put your name and phone number in?" They ask. I tell them "Yes". They tell us not to worry then, they will be able to find our name through that. So we start on order number 2. We get done, again no receipt. No problem though, right?

At this point we make a note of the time and we decide since we have to wait an hour for our photos we'll head out of the Wal-Mart for food. We go to In N Out and have a really relaxing meal there (we love In N Out, more fast-food places should take a leaf out of their book). We come back about an hour and 10 minutes later in a pretty good mood. We've eaten. We've got the photo's out of the way, now all we need is the albums and we'll be ready to start.

We go up to the photo center, tell them our name and that we submitted photo's over an hour ago. They go and look for them. They're not in the box. The guy at the counter is perplexed. Finally, it dawns on him, he has co-workers, perhaps they've seen the photos. "Oh, the machine's not working," they tell him and us. We ask them when it will be working again, "Soon, we're here until 10pm." (This was at about 7ish) W.T.F? So you want US to wait around until 10pm for you to get a machine working, when you should have called us to let us know our pictures would not be done in an hour. We decide between us and the photo center that we will give it another hour for the pictures to be done. In the meantime, we head over to the nearby Game Stop to check out games, then we go over to the Michaels and pick out the albums for the photos. We come back an hour later. "We managed to get 40 done."

So we cancel the order and head off back home.

On Monday, we decide that despite the set backs we had on Saturday, we'll try and get the pictures done after work at the CVS close to our house. It all goes pretty well, until I forget to hit double print on the first lot of photos. That's okay, though. The girl at the photo counter tells us that they can make it a double print for us. So we do the second CD and we head off home. We come back an hour later. The photos are done. Great. Finally we have success.

Fast-forward to last night. I open the pack with the photo's where they did the double print I forgot. There doesn't appear to be any duplicates. Maybe I missed them though. So I check again. There are some duplicates in there. Quite a few actually. But they're in a really strange and random order. Weird. So I show Mark, it's then that Mark counts the photo's. We don't have 190 as they outside of the pack says. We only have 139, so we head off to CVS at about 8.40pm (they're 24 hours), we figure maybe they put them in a different pack. The girl at the counter checks through all the photo boxes. Nope, not there. So we decide to get the refund on the 51 shots we're missing and we take the photo's home and Mark figures out which are missing, so we can get reprints to match. So we're going to try again with CVS tonight. Wish us luck.

However, the thing that annoys us most is the fact that the photo's were obviously dropped and we suspect the 51 missing shots got ruined when they fell. But the person shoved the rest in the envelop and charged us for all 190! Who on Earth does that with someone's pictures? Let alone someone's WEDDING PICTURES!!!


On a lighter note, the Christmas countdown: Just 12 more days of work, yay! And 20 actual days. :D Cannot. Wait.
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I wish it were Wednesday or Thursday.

Tuesdays just seem to drag for me, partly because I can't even tell myself I'm halfway through the week like I do with Wednesdays. Still, Christmas is just around the corner. Only 13 work days and 21 regular days, yay!

We caught up on a bit of TV last night. We watched Tin Man, which was intriguing, and of course Chuck and Heroes. Firstly, Chuck. I've not always been a huge fan of the whole spy-drama-action scenes of this show. But I do love how Chuck always manages to contribute something to the team because of his technical know-how. The show also kicked it up a notch for me, when they showed that Casey will try and kill Chuck next season. Although, I do think they should have held out on that for the season finale. But perhaps this was a preempted action due to the writers' strike.

Heroes was pretty good. I actually enjoyed Elle this episode. Plus they killed Maya! But sadly they brought her back again. Nathan getting shot at the press conference wasn't really much of a surprise, I figured that HRG or Bob would make sure that the company was safe. But my money is definitely on HRG. Really, he IS the company. Much more so than Bob. I love though that they're showing how differently they've brought up their daughters. Bob has brought up Elle to be his replacement, whereas so has HRG. But in a different way. Clare could never kill cold-bloodedly like he does. She's more all-American. She would certainly make him proud though. As for Tin Man, I think I'll talk about it more when I've watched the 2nd part.

Not really anything else to talk about. Millie was very spoiled yesterday, due to it being her birthday. She got a nice chew bone that I thought was gone in minutes. But she reappeared with it at about 9pm still in tact, but then ate most of it before we went to bed. I gave her lots of loves from you [ profile] winsomesquirrel. :)
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Yay! It was one year ago today that I adopted Millie, our little Jack Russell terrier. I remember when we first saw her. She was in a little pen with a Jack Russell-Dachshund mix, almost completely white except for a brown and black patch over her left eye.

I have to admit, I wasn't completely taken by her at first, because of how timid and scared she was (I had this big vision of a dog rushing over to me and smothering me with licks). Also I had not excepted to be adopting a dog that day, Brooke my sister-in-law wanted to surprise me for Christmas by letting us have a dog (we lived with her at the time and she'd said before then no dogs). We decided to ask the people in the PetSmart (the local PetSmarts in Salt Lake City let No More Homeless Pets in Utah bring in cats and dogs for adoption) if we could meet her and take her for a walk. So we had her on a leash and took her for a walk along the sidewalk. There was a coffee shop at the end of the strip mall where the PetSmart was and about halfway along someone had dropped a drink and it had spilled on the pavement. Millie sniffed at it and before I knew it she was licking it, and then spat it back out. And so her love-hate affair of dairy began... We took her back inside soon after the coffee-licking and I crouched down on the ground with Millie, trying to make my decision as to whether she was 'my dog' or not. She was named "Ruby" at the time, which I think was part of what was making the decision hard. She didn't feel like a "Ruby".

But then, she very calmly and quietly placed her paw on my knee. It was then I knew that she was mine and it was also then that I knew she was going to be renamed Millie. A name that was similar enough to her old name, but suited her much better. So we went over to sign the adoption papers and [ profile] winsomesquirrel paid the donation for her (Millie was her Christmas present to me, so that my first Christmas away from home would be a special one). Then we took our coupon book and went shopping for all the things a little dog needs. Her bed, a crate, food, a new collar and leash, a harness, toys, treats. She was a very spoiled little dog.

We even got to meet her foster dad, Paul. Which reminds me. I should call him sometime this week. So that he knows how well Millie has settled (or 'Reba' as he'd named her. He told us when we met him that she had come into the shelter without a name. So I don't feel at all bad about changing it to Millie).

And here is the birthday girl herself. I took this picture yesterday when she was sunbathing in the window of our apartment. So cute!

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And last but not least. The Christmas countdown! 14 work days until Christmas and 22 regular days! Woot! :)
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Thank goodness it's Friday. My favourite day of the work week.

Today's Friday started off decidedly soggy, though. And it was not helped by my dog, Millie, slipping her collar and chasing a cat half way around our apartment complex! Fortunately it was still fairly early (just past 6am) and it was a Friday (everyone gets lazy on Fridays in California, it seems and they arrive at work late), so there wasn't anyone driving their car around.

Still, I had my coffee at Starbucks and as soon as I stepped outside to start my 15 minute walk to work it started to pour down with rain again. I got about 5 minutes into my walk and one of my co-workers Santiago spotted me and picked me up. So at least I didn't get too wet!

I'm excited about this weekend because we're going to get out our Christmas decorations and put up our tree, even though we won't be in our apartment this Christmas. We decided that we should go ahead and do it; because if we don't, we won't do it any year until we have a family of our own. Since we're bound to be either in England or in Utah for Christmases until that point.

Only 15 more working days to go until Christmas and 24 regular days! :D
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You know, this is only my second Christmas when I have not been working in a retail position, and it's really kind of refreshing.

No longer do I have to listen to the same few Christmas CDs over and over and over again for over a month. To be honest, I actually didn't mind too much when it was the week of Christmas and the first week we'd start playing them. But there were some songs on the CDs that would just make me cringe. The popular celeb versions of songs. You know the ones I mean. The ones that would make me wish I could drop everything (especially when serving a customer) and go out to the CD player and skip the song.

I do miss not hearing some Christmas songs, though. There are some British ones that just don't seem to get any air time here. So I'm thinking I might make myself a CD of British Christmas songs to play. I kind of miss them.

Speaking of missing things, I spoke to my Mum briefly last night before bed. She's arranged for Mark and I to visit my Nan and Granddad (well, Paddy isn't my birth-grandfather, but he's been with my nan since before I was born and treats us all like his grand-kids). I can't wait to see them again. It's been a long time and I always enjoy seeing them again, we're going over on the 27th, then in that evening we'll be meeting up with my friend Emma. :)

On the countdown front, there are 16 work days left (that's 3 weeks and 1 day) and 25 actual days. Yay!
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So days at work often stretch on for hours and hours on end for me. You know what I'm mean, I'm sure. The days where you're constantly clock-watching, waiting until the clock hits that certain time so that you can rush off home and relax.

Well, today is even worse. Today my MMO of choice, City of Heroes/City of Villains are releasing one of their free updates (that they call issues), which has some cool new power sets, new hairstyles (we haven't had any new hair in at least a year, the male models have gone even longer without new styles) and their new 'Flashback' feature, that let's you re-play outleveled content that you might have missed. Plus they have some cool new missions. It just makes the clock tick that much more slowly to know that I could be at home playing that, instead of working. Oh well. Only 5 and half more hours until I can go. Yay!

Speaking of countdowns...

Only 17 more working days until Christmas! And 26 regular days until we head off to England. :)
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