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2007-12-04 09:58 am

Only Tuesday?

I wish it were Wednesday or Thursday.

Tuesdays just seem to drag for me, partly because I can't even tell myself I'm halfway through the week like I do with Wednesdays. Still, Christmas is just around the corner. Only 13 work days and 21 regular days, yay!

We caught up on a bit of TV last night. We watched Tin Man, which was intriguing, and of course Chuck and Heroes. Firstly, Chuck. I've not always been a huge fan of the whole spy-drama-action scenes of this show. But I do love how Chuck always manages to contribute something to the team because of his technical know-how. The show also kicked it up a notch for me, when they showed that Casey will try and kill Chuck next season. Although, I do think they should have held out on that for the season finale. But perhaps this was a preempted action due to the writers' strike.

Heroes was pretty good. I actually enjoyed Elle this episode. Plus they killed Maya! But sadly they brought her back again. Nathan getting shot at the press conference wasn't really much of a surprise, I figured that HRG or Bob would make sure that the company was safe. But my money is definitely on HRG. Really, he IS the company. Much more so than Bob. I love though that they're showing how differently they've brought up their daughters. Bob has brought up Elle to be his replacement, whereas so has HRG. But in a different way. Clare could never kill cold-bloodedly like he does. She's more all-American. She would certainly make him proud though. As for Tin Man, I think I'll talk about it more when I've watched the 2nd part.

Not really anything else to talk about. Millie was very spoiled yesterday, due to it being her birthday. She got a nice chew bone that I thought was gone in minutes. But she reappeared with it at about 9pm still in tact, but then ate most of it before we went to bed. I gave her lots of loves from you [livejournal.com profile] winsomesquirrel. :)