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So as some of you may or may not know. Mark and I managed to get a great deal on plane tickets over to England for a short Christmas visit. I'm so excited for this, that I'm going to try and do a Christmas countdown in my LJ. I apologise in advance for anyone who doesn't like Christmas for spamming them with this, but it will hopefully help keep my spirits up until then.

I'm not completely unfair though. If you don't want to read my endless blathering about Christmas I'm giving you the opportunity to let me know in this entries comments (or you can email me) and I will create a Christmas countdown filter.

With that said, there are only 18 more working days until Christmas (not including today)! :D And 27 actual days until we get on the plane. :)

Can't wait!
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Okay, so I really should verify something from my last post. I didn't really lose my job, it was more like I quit the position. I did want to do another week, though. But ah well. It turned out to be the best way for things to go for me overall. So I don't really care. Plus it meant that I could really have fun this weekend with Mark and Brooke. :)

Speaking of, we had a fantastic weekend together.

Our long weekend - cut for length )
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So yep.

I lost my job. Oh well. It was a temp position and my bosses dad, the CEO of the company, was a complete asshole. He just doesn't have a clue how to treat people decently and the position really did stress me out a lot. So much so that a lot of the time I was at the job I was either feeling physically sick, or I felt like I wanted to cry. So it's probably for the best that I don't have that job anymore.

But I hope that I can find something else soon, I really want to be able to afford to go to England for Christmas this year. But fingers crossed, something will work out.

Anyhow, it's the weekend and [ profile] winsomesquirrel is here. So all is good. :)
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So I decided I should probably update my LJ with a quick drive-by post.

Of the bad:
I may or may not have a job as of the end of today.

Of the good:
The job worries me until I feel physically sick sometimes because of my bosses dad.
If I do lose this job I will be able to see my sister-in-law off on Monday.


Of the bad:
I'm going to be job hunting.

Of the good:
I may find a job I'll actually enjoy, or at least I job that doesn't make me ill.


Of the good:
I'm in sunny California with my loving husband and an adorable dog and bird.
I have a hot tub almost literally outside my front door.

Of the bad:
It's darn tough to find work here.
The people using the hot tub can be pretty noisy sometimes at the weekend.


Of the good:
My sis-in-law, Brooke is here to spend the weekend with us! We're going to Knotts Berry Farm and an Angel's game amongst other things.

Of the bad:
There is no bad to this. Brooke is awesome.


Of the good:
I get to leave at 3.30 today, since I came in at 6.30
Lunch is in an hour and a half.

Of the bad:
I still have about 4 hours of work left, plus my 1 hour lunch.
I had to come in at 6.30.


But yay! Weekend soon!
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Just to wish Li'l Gavin a great first birthday. :)
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] shansgirl! Hope you have a fantastic day. Even if you are most likely working. (But yay, a job, right? :) )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] chiri_chan!

I hope you had a great day, my reverse-birthday twin!

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I really am on the verge of giving up here. I've been looking for over 2 months and got nothing.

Mark and I have agreed that we'll give it another month, possibly two and if I don't have anything by then I'll look into retail work. But I feel so shitty about this. I'm ruining all our plans we had for being down here because no one will even think about hiring me, it seems. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm signed up with not one, but two staffing agencies. I look at job sites and apply for newly listed jobs every day. But nothing is coming back, absolutely nothing. And I can't for the life of me figure out why.

I just wish I could find something, anything. If I don't then I'll have fucked up any hope Mark and I ever had of being able to save for a house. :(
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[ profile] lynseysarah22, how did your citizenship test go on Wednesday? Inquiring minds want to know. :-p
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Kat, I wanted to call you tonight about plans for Sunday. But then being the clumsy idiot I am, I closed my finger in the car door.

I will call you tomorrow, though. When the pain has subsided and I can think properly again. Ihope you catch this post. And we'll see you on Sunday. :)
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WARNING: Rant ahead. I cannot be responsible for my language at this point.

So, I've been job hunting for well over a month now, and getting no where fast. I've sent out well over 50 resumes, I'm certain and ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE!!!! has gotten back to me.

My staffing agency are about as useful as... well, thinking of something would be pointless because they do fuck all! Even though I can see they have jobs I could do on their website! And ALL jobs on Monster go through them. So I apply and then get a form letter back that might as well say "Hey, we don't give a fuck about you. Oh, and I'll be using this cover letter you wrote as toilet paper!"

I've even tried joining another agency only to speak to the person who'd be my account rep once, and I've still yet to meet her and get on their books because she WON'T RETURN MY CALLS.


Okay, I'm going out to get some air. I just... I feel like saying: "I give up, you win California! You've made your point. The only thing I'm good for is flipping your burgers. I get it, I suck."

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Yay! Let me be the first on the internets (hopefully) to say Happy Birthday, [ profile] shirkie!

I hope you have a fantastic day!
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

Job hunting = teh suck.

That is all.


Jul. 5th, 2007 01:57 pm
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So, lately I've been wanting more user pics. So I've been considering upgrading to the free plus account and just dealing with the ads. But what I wanted to know is, if I don't like it, can I downgrade? Or am I stuck with the ads forever? If I am stuck with them, I'll have to consider this more.


Jun. 27th, 2007 06:04 pm
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Dear Millie,

My flash drive =/= your food.

Annoyed owner.
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*sigh* So I feel like I'm pretty much back where I started with the job hunt. Any Californites have any tips for websites, papers, etc to check out for jobs out here in the Inland Empire? Ideally I'm looking for something in or close to the Chino area.

I just feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a lake without a paddle right now. :-p


Feb. 26th, 2007 05:01 pm
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My CA based friends... What's the weather set to be like near LA next week? :) I ask because Mark's work is putting us up in Chino for a week. *crosses her fingers for sunny weather*
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If any of you guys have ever wanted to try out the MMO City of Heroes/City of Villains, I just wanted to let you know that they are current giving out free trials over at: FileFront. Just in time for the Double Experience weekend they're having.

Let me know if you try it out and I'll globally friend you. :)
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Merry Christmas to everyone on my friends list :)

I hope you got everything you wanted!



Dec. 14th, 2006 08:19 am
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So, now that it's been almost two weeks since we've had her. I guess I should inform you all of her existance! :)

On 2nd December, I got an unexpected early Christmas present. Not long after we had dropped my Mum and sister off at the airport, Brooke called Mark and asked him to take me to where she was. So we got there and she was at a shelter for homeless pets. We found Brooke and she was like; "Okay, you can pick one" (she had previously told Mark and I that we weren't allowed a dog). However, there were very few small dogs there and they were too small for the kind of dog we were looking for (Although there were two adorable Schnauzers there, but they had to go together).

But we did notice some signs on a few of the doors saying that a few of the dogs were down at a nearby PetSmart and to come and see them there. So we headed down there expecting to see about 2 or 3 dogs, But they had a 12-15 dogs in a few different parts of the store, along with some cats as well. That's where we saw Millie. A cute, but very, very quiet Jack Russell, in a pen with a little Jack Russell/Dachshund. I wasn't exactly sure if she was the dog for us, because she was so distracted and uninterested in us. But I guess being lots of other people and dogs around, it wasn't easy for her to concentrate on us. However, I knew she was ours when she rested her paws on my knees and leaned against me, while she was looking around. So not long after that Brooke paid for her and she was ours. :)

Millie was a lucky dog. She never did stay in the shelter. She was brought in, checked over by a vet, given shots and was spayed. Then she was "fostered" out to her foster dad, Paul. Whom we were lucky enough to get to meet, although Millie was very, very distressed when he left. We really don't know much of her history, but we suspect that she may have been hit and treated abusively to train her :(. However, at least she now has a good home. Every year, thousands and thousands of animals are brought/put into shelters and put up for adoption. If you're considering getting a pet, I strongly urge you to adopt a pet from/through a shelter. There are many wonderful dogs, cats and other pets there, whom are already trained and are just looking for someone who will love and care for them. In the past 7 years, No more Homeless Pets in Utah (the charity we got Millie from) have increased adoption rates to 45% and decreased the amount of dogs they have to euthanise by 39%. There are still so many pets out there that need good homes. That's why I will always get a rescue dog over a pure-bred puppy from a breeder. They simply need me more (the only other dog I've had before was also a rescue dog and he was equally loving and wonderful).

In the past few weeks, it has taken a while, but she's really blossomed and become attached to us. She has a wonderfully cute personality, with a few faults (like her love of chasing cats. We were lead to believe she was fine with cats. Poor Mosa. But I guess they will adapt eventually). But asides from that wonderfully well-behaved. Every day we learn a little bit more about her. Like just now, when we learnt that she barks at one of the sounds in the song Susie Snowflake (it's the slider that startles her). Hehe.

Anyhow, now you've heard all about her, here are some pictures:

Also: Happy belated Birthday wishes to [ profile] theninthdoctor!
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