Nov. 28th, 2007

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So days at work often stretch on for hours and hours on end for me. You know what I'm mean, I'm sure. The days where you're constantly clock-watching, waiting until the clock hits that certain time so that you can rush off home and relax.

Well, today is even worse. Today my MMO of choice, City of Heroes/City of Villains are releasing one of their free updates (that they call issues), which has some cool new power sets, new hairstyles (we haven't had any new hair in at least a year, the male models have gone even longer without new styles) and their new 'Flashback' feature, that let's you re-play outleveled content that you might have missed. Plus they have some cool new missions. It just makes the clock tick that much more slowly to know that I could be at home playing that, instead of working. Oh well. Only 5 and half more hours until I can go. Yay!

Speaking of countdowns...

Only 17 more working days until Christmas! And 26 regular days until we head off to England. :)


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